Brittany Ramirez
Brittany Ramirez

Bubblegum Shoes

Children’s Book


With special thanks to Minnow Baby Store for
allowing me to take photos in their space.

Illustration, Layout, Typography, Publishing


Nothing is worse than stepping on a huge piece of gum on the street and tracking it around the city. We've all experience the sticky ickiness being trapped underneath our shoes. But this is a story that takes it to another level!

Bubblegum Shoes is about a girl who steps in a wad of gum and experiences all the wacky sort of objects that get caught. Her adventure continues as the story escalates into a fun experience until it becomes completely absurd! When I wrote this story, it originally started out as a poem with a different ending and I needed to find a way to create this into a more well-rounded narrative. After finishing off the ending, I fused traditional illustration with collage and texture to create a look and style to something completely imaginative, consistent, and fresh.


All gum comes in a wrapper, and I wanted the interior narrative to continue on the exterior; so I made my book the bubblegum stick itself.
Measuring at 17 inches high, the reader gets to "open" this giant wrapper and reveal the mayhem that will unfold.


Since the story is a of girls' physical interaction with bubblegum, I wanted to make the book interactive for its younger audience. Having pages that flip up encourages the reader to engage with what is happening in the story.