Brittany Ramirez
Brittany Ramirez
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Catalogue Series

Editorial Layout, Illustration, Typography Prototyping, Branding


In music history, big names like The Beatles, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Madonna, and Nirvana, eg. are always mentioned in history books. But never the people who they were inspired by, or helped shape their sound to get to the height of their careers. Discord is an anthology of books that focuses on all of the under-appreciated, underrated, and not acknowledge trailblazers that were highly influential in their field of music that followed. For Discord, I decided to showcase these musicians and bands by designing a series of catalogs broken into decades, from the 50's to the 2000's. Each catalogue gives thorough information about each musician, artist, or band and what made them influential in music history and the impact they made on artist that followed.


For this specific project, I focused primarily on the 60s’ simply because of it’s extremity in progressive sounds. If time allowed itself to be generous, Discord, ideally would showcase all musicians from big names to lesser known artists. 


Inspired by the look and shapes soundwaves make when different types of music are played was the casting stone for the branding of Discord. The typography was chosen for visual similarity to the slab serifs used in many rock band logos like from Rolling Stones, but modernizing it to fit across decades. The use of collage illustrates the artist in symbolic renderings to create a mood or tone from their music. From the beginning, I thought the best way to visually show how influential each person was to other artists was to make infographics. Infographics then turned into timelines of famous and non-famous bands with additional info to show which specific eras of music were most subjective to be influenced.


To add onto the catalogues, for each artist discography page, I’ve create a scannable QR code that directly sends you to a customized Spotify page. On the Spotify page one will find more illustration work, banners, and specific playlists relating back to the artist’s B-sides tracks (lesser known songs), their influencers songs, songs similar to their own, and influenced artists songs. Discord also includes paraphernalia like t-shirts, buttons, and totes, that could ideally be sold with the books as a special edition bundle. Or, can be sold at book fairs, book events, or in musical geared stores.